Innovative VR Company of the Year

Nominations close 7th May 2019

Innovative VR Company of the Year understands that as a constantly evolving landscape, virtual reality requires innovative thought leaders to pave the way by leading by example through first-to-market developments.

Innovative VR Company of the Year celebrates a recent project and/or initiative that has led to innovation within a company and the industry on a wider scale. Additional points is given to those that can clearly demonstrate the sustainable industry impact they have made through solid figures and research.

Innovative projects / initiatives can be hardware, software, community based or all three combined.

Conditions for this award:

Innovation between 6th May 2018 to 1st July 2019
Nominations accepted on behalf of clients or direct

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Submission Criteria

  • First-to-market developments,
  • Company culture and policies
  • Demonstrated innovations in terms of patents
  • Potential for social impact
  • Sustainability