Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year

Nominations close 7th May 2019

Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year brings a new level of immersion to theme parks, cinemas, attractions, museums and more.

Nominees for this award have researched, implemented and carried out an outstanding, quality location based experience, which has resulted in a high level of user satisfaction and immersion.

Additional focus is placed on nominees that have incorporated interaction with the physical environment around the the user (i.e booth layout, physical walls, sensory effects etc), and can either be permanent or temporary installations.

Focus on the entire experience from before the user gets into VR, to after they are out of VR.

Demonstration should be made as to why the project is well suited to a location based solution and should work to include as much video media and unbiased user feedback demonstration as possible to highlight the expressiveness of the project.

Conditions for this award:

Must be released by 1st July 2019
Must not have been released prior to 6th May 2018
Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct

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Submission Criteria

  • Quality of experience
  • Planning and research
  • User experience
  • Immersiveness