VR Education and Training of the Year

Nominations close 7th May 2019

VR Education and Training of the Year is awarded to enterprise- or consumer-orientated training or educational solutions; this may apply to an experiences, videos, games and more (providing it has a positive educational use).

Nominees should be able to demonstrate how their VR educational / training project has fulfilled a need or gap in knowledge and highlights the positive impact this has on the end user. This information should be backed up by research and figures.

Additional focus is given to those that are able to highlight retention within end users and the long term, sustainable affect their solution has made.

Projects should still adhere to high quality user experience expectations such as motion comfort, good use of locomotion and game play mechanics if applicable.

Conditions for this award:

Must be released by 1st July 2019
Must not have been released prior to 6th May 2018
Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct

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Submission Criteria

  • Retention
  • Innovativity
  • Educational Impacts
  • Training practicality
  • Implementation