VR Game of the Year

Nominations close 7th May 2019

VR Game of the Year sets out to recognise virtual reality games of all sizes, big or small, that deliver outstanding experiences across both creative and technical fields.

Nominees should be bringing something unique to the table that sets itself apart from traditional flat screen games, giving it purpose and an enhanced immersive experience for the player.

Judges look closely at the innovative use of locomotion, user interfaces, replayability, overall immersion into the game’s world and use of gameplay mechanics that interact well within virtual reality.

Conditions on this award:

Not location based*

Must be released by 1st July 2019
Must not have been released prior to 6th May 2018
Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct

*Projects that incorporate location based interaction with the physical environment around the the user are not accepted in this category and therefore encouraged to nominate for Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year instead.

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Submission Criteria

  • Originality
  • Gameplay aspects
  • Motion comfort
  • Immersion
  • Innovative use of movement