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Over 70 Expert Judges

Our judging panel is made up of industry-leading creatives in virtual reality. We have gathered experts in various sectors of VR, from academics, journalists, and creative directors to founders and C-Suite executives. We tailor and match our judges’ specific areas of expertise to our award categories in order to ensure that our judging is of the highest-possible quality.

Joel Breton

Joel Breton

Sixense Studios, President

Sophie Thompson

Virtual Speech, Co-Founder

Adam Randall

Elizabeth Valleau

Global Creative Lead, Facebook

Michaela Holland

Experiential Creative Strategist & Consultant

Greg Agriopoulos

Greg Agriopoulos

Magos, Founder

Tipatat Chennavasin

General Partner, The VR Fund

Cristoph Sitar

Dave Haynes

Founding Partner, FOV Ventures

Jason Lovell

Jason Lovell

PwC, Head of Strategy, XR

Mark Baxter

Mark Baxter

Digitalnauts, Managing Director

Mila Askarova

John Canning

Director Developer Relations – Creators – AMD

John Lilley


Akash Bellippady

CEO & Founder, Unlocked Reality Inc.

Aaron Pulkka

Aaron Pulkka

Amber, Program Director

Brooke Morril

Jan Hursti

Founder & CEO, Cloud4VR

Jay Short

CEO, Solarflare Studio

Cyril Voiron

Joaquin Alviz Martin

COO,Renacens Sistemas SL

Jill Sciulli

Ramakrishnan C.N

Partner & Managing Director, Entropia

Jamie Mossahebi

Innovation Lab – Real Time Production, Epic Games

Sam Watts

Sam Watts

Make Real Ltd, Immersive Partnerships Director

Levent Şen

Managing Director, Orka

Alex Coloumbe

Alex Deighton

CEO, Simply Video

Martyn Makinson

Martyn Makinson

FourPointZero, CEO

Amy Hedrick

Amy Hedrick

Cleanbox Technology, CEO & Co-Founder

Mary Matheson

Macondo Films, Film Director & Co-Founder

Eric Shamlin

Media Monks, EVP Global Head of Entertainment

Lou Pushelberg

Lou Pushelberg

Circuit Stream, Founder & CEO

Marryam Chaudhry

XR2LEAD, CEO & Founder

Andrew Kostuik

Studio Manager, Norcat

Stefano Petrullo

Founder, Renaissance PR

Sandis Kondrats

Annie Eaton

Chief Executive Officer, Futurus

Amy Peck

Amy Peck

EndeavorVR, Founder & CEO

Steve Bambury

Steve Bambury

Digital Inception Consulting, Director

Matt Bramlet

Antoine Cardon

Founder, El-Gabal

Jasmine Bulin

Bobby Thandi

Founder & CEO, XR Games

Joanna Popper


Holger Hager

Holger Hager

Cyberith VR, CEO & Co-Founder

Nathan Revill

Charmaine Chitate

VR Content Producer, High on Talent

Vangelis Lympouridis

Christoph Sitar

CEO, MediaSquad

Lesley Klassen

Lesley Klassen

Flipside XR, CEO & Co-Founder

Ed Greig

Deloitte Digital, Disrupter

Jason McEwen

Craig Douglass

CEO, Contact Control Interfaces

Rishi Ahuja

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Speaker, Trainer, Educator, Producer at Educatorsinvr

Leila Amirsadeghi

Leila Amirsadeghi

MESH Management, CEO & Founder

Bobby Carlton

XR/VR Content Manager at FS Studio & Contributing Writer for VRScout

Victor Pardinho

Victor Pardinho

Co-Founder & CEO, Sense of Space

Antony Vitillo

New Technology Walkers, AR/VR Consultant & Blogger

David Trainor

David Trainor

Sentireal, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Arne Snackaert

Eugene Kuipers

CEO, Fectar

Giorgi Gulabyan

Ferhan Ozkan

Co-Founder, XR Bootcamp

Chris Adams

Goncalo Antunes

Marketing Lead, Masters of Pie

Haggai Goldfarb

XR Producer

Jonathan Foo

Jonathan Foo

Vue Networks, CEO

Sam Mateosian

Sam Mateosian

The Yarn Corporation, Co-Founder & CEO

Adrian Godfrey

Ivan Nikitin

Product Director, Sensorium

Ed Wardle

Jake Rowell

EVP / Director / Art Director – theBlu, Gnomes&Goblins

James Lau

CEO, 3clearing

Cole Sandau

Leo Kellgren-Parker

Founder, LIVR

Simon Lajboschitz

Maciej Kniter

Marketing Manager, Flint Systems

Levent Sen

Marina Roi-Sans-Sac

Head of Immersive Division, Illogika

Panos Voulgaris

Panos Voulgaris

MAL-VI, Creative Director/Partner

Mark Rickard

Founder, Virtuality

Robert Dyce

Mitchell Goldman

Co-Founder, Volta XR

Ross Holmes

Pearly Chen

Vice President, HTC.

Danielle Burnstein

Peter Graham

Editor, GMW3

Jill Sciulli

Ray Freiwirth

CEO, The Commons XR

Athanasios Raikos

Richard Armstrong

Enterprise Architect & XR Strategist,

Mats Eliasson

Mats Eliasson

One Reality, CEO

Jamie Feltham

Jamie Feltham

Senior Content Partnerships Manager at Viveport from HTC

Jill Sciulli

Roderick Kennedy

CEO, Simul Software Ltd

Athanasios Raikos

Tom Ffiske

Founder, Immersive Wire

Mats Eliasson

Tomas Habarta

Virtual Reality Advisor, Jufa S.R.O

Mats Eliasson

Vincent Steenhoek

Managing Director, Evoke Studios

Jill Sciulli

Simon Barratt

CEO/Co-Founder at Cooperative Innovations

Athanasios Raikos

Stephanie Wieck

Marketing, Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH

Mats Eliasson

Susana Grilo

Storyteller, Creative Producer at Curiosity Studio & Festival of Curiosity

Jamie Feltham

Thijs de Vries

CEO, Warp VR

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