1. Introduction

It is mandatory that all material and/or item placements must meet the following criteria. VR Awards reserves the right to decline/or remove material and items that do not meet the specified criteria.

Please read the following policies carefully.


2. All Gift Bag deals

All gift bag deals must comply to the following policy:

Before any gift items are able to be included in the VR Awards gift bags, a written agreement that has been approved by the VR Awards must be in place and signed off by a member of the directorship team.

Placing an insert into delegate bags does not increase the supplier’s chances of winning an award and has zero impact on the nominations/judging process.

All and any material submitted for the VR Awards gift bag will be subjected to review, if for any reason the VR Awards feels, upon completion of the review, that material fails to meet the specifications of this policy, the material will not be included or used even if previously agreed in writing

Material submitted containing the following is strictly prohibited:

  • The depiction of subjective gore (including blood, severely hurt people/animals and dead bodies) and or gross violence
  • The glamorisation of the use of illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Depictions of ethnic, religious, nationalistic or other stereotypes likely to encourage hatred

VR Awards is not liable for the items included nor how the attendees intend to use the items included. Item manufacturers will be responsible for printing/or providing the material which must be sent via tracked post before the specified cut of time provided in writing or verbally.

An administration fee will be applied if the VR Awards required to print items on behalf of the supplier and the full cost of the print will be invoiced before items are sent for print. The VR Awards is not liable for problems in the printing process.

Delivery and courier fees must be paid by the supplier

In most circumstances, the VR Awards will be responsible for packing distributing the gift bags. The VR Awards reserves the right to remove any insert without reason at any point in time.


3. Gift Bag Paid and marketing contra-deals

Paid and marketing contra-deals must comply to the following policy:

Items can either be included as part of the sponsorship package, marketing contra deal which sees the exchange of products and/or services or be included as part of a one-off paid price.

It is recommended (but not mandatory) that these inserts make reference to the VR Awards and/or nominees.

Subject to review, these items may include inserts that are solely for the purpose of marketing a product and/or service. This may include:

  • Partial discount/offer codes
  • CTA’s to buy a product and/or service
  • Printed material that only supplies Information on a product and/or service


4. Gift Bag FOC deals

Free of charge deals must comply with the following policy:

All written materials that are printed specifically for the event must include a mention of the VR Awards and/or a good luck note to the nominees.

Items included must be considered to hold value to delegates. This could include, but is not limited to; 

  • T-shirts
  • Consumable food and drink
  • Full game codes
  • Toiletries
  • Hardware
  • Stickers
  • Badges

Inserts must not contain any partial discount/offer codes, CTA’s to buy a product and/or service, or printed material that only supplies Information on a product and/or service. Accepted printed materials must include a full cost redeemable code for the product.

We encourage gift partners and finalists to try to think outside the box to garner the most attention to their products and brand. 

We reserve the right to reject gift bag inserts if another partner or finalist has committed to the same item, or if the item is not deemed unique enough.

5. Regular Review & Enforcement

This policy is indefinitely enforcement from 2nd February 2018 onwards.

The VR Awards reserves the right to change this policy as deemed necessary from time to time. Any changes will be immediately updated online and shared with the necessary parties via electronic communication.

To discuss this policy or provide suggestions you can contact the VR Awards team directly via by email at [email protected].

All gift bag inserts must be received by the VR Awards team by Friday 28th October 2019 in our UK office. Due to time constraints, we do not accept deliveries on the day of the VR Awards or the week preceding.