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8 Northumberland Avenue

Official VR Awards Venue Partner

8 Northumberland Avenue is located only a stone’s throw away from Trafalgar Square, making it London’s most central venue with exceptional public transport links from all directions. The mixture of classic Victorian architecture and cutting-edge technology compliments a variety of occasion events across two large spaces.

Described by English Heritage as ‘the grandest example of a Victorian ballroom in existence’, The Ballroom at 8 Northumberland Avenue is the jewel of the venue. The high ceilings, impressive chandeliers, grand columns, stained glass windows and ornate detailing all ensure unforgettable events.

The Old Billiard Room and Annex are the most adaptable of the venues spaces. The combination of white walls, mirror details and subtle architectural touches create the perfect blank canvas spaces.

At London’s most central venue, they believe technology should enhance guest’s experiences, not complicate them. With a long list of London’s first from; Intelligent lighting systems and Virtual Reality to Holographic 3D projection, technological innovation is always welcome.

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Why 8 Northumberland Avenue was perfect for the VR Awards


The VR Awards 2018 were held at 8 Northumberland Avenue on October 16th 2018, this was the second annual VR Awards following the inaugural show which was held at the same venue in 2017. 8 Northumberland Avenue is the perfect venue for the VR Awards, from its unparalleled central location (just a stones throw from Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace) to its grand and palatial events space: 8 Northumberland Avenue adds a level of refinement and class to proceedings.

Why We Loved the Gourmet Dinner

Guests at the VR Awards were treated to a gourmet three-course meal on the night. AlchemyLive, who are partnered with 8 Northumberland Avenue, caters to the needs of each individual guest to ensure that they have the best possible dining experience, be that through specialised meals for vegetarians and vegans or Halal and Kosher meals, guests receive an excellent, timely and professional service. With the VR Awards being an international award show, it was imperative that the gourmet dinner was both inclusive and luxurious, AlchemyLive & 8 Northumberland Avenue went above and beyond to ensure that this was the case.

As dinner was being served, there were three unexpected vegetarian meals requested. AlchemyLive was prompt in providing these meals for the guests, without issue or complaint.

The standard menu provided a host of appetising options, selected by the Directors of the VR Awards from a wide selection of fine dining meals AlchemyLive provided during a prior tasting. This included a fresh Piperade quiche to start, garnished with Cured Pork from the highly esteemed Trealy Farm; a delicious daube of beef with creamed potato for the main course; finishing with a refreshing passion fruit tart with mango compote for dessert.

The main course was a lavish twist on the traditional British roast dinner. 8 Northumberland Avenue accommodated our desire to immerse our international guests with British culture and the look, feel and taste of London.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom, with its vintage Victorian architecture and state-of-the-art events technology, was a huge attraction for the VR Awards. The grandeur of the Victorian architecture is both beautiful and classically British. This along with 8 Northumberland Avenue itself being London’s most central venue, works to portray London in the best possible light for our international guests and facilitates easy travel to the venue.

The VR Awards takes pride in being a prestigious black tie event and so the sophisticated yet modern look of the Old Billiard Room, Annex and Ballroom perfectly suited the atmosphere we were looking to create.

State of the Art Events Technology at 8 Northumberland Avenue

The cutting edge intelligent lighting throughout the venue was another huge contributing factor to our decision to partner with 8 Northumberland Avenue – the lighting system responds to the colours of the media on stage and is reactive in over 16 million colours.

The VR Awards made use of the lighting as a powerful branding tool, we had complete creative freedom on the look and feel of the venue all at the touch of a button. This allowed us personalise the ceremony and set the mood as the event progressed. This state of the art technology kept attendees engaged and, helped us as organisers, to transition seamlessly from dinner to the awards ceremony whilst adding a degree of ambience.

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