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Explore the AIXR XR Awards categories: Virtual Reality, for complete digital immersion; Augmented Reality, blending the real and digital; Mixed Reality, merging both worlds; Spatial Audio, for 3D sound experiences; and Interactive Experiences, engaging users in innovative ways.

Simple, yet groundbreaking — each category celebrates the cutting-edge of immersive tech.

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XR Healthcare Solution of the Year


The XR Healthcare Solution of the Year award recognizes companies using XR technology to create new solutions in healthcare. These products must address healthcare challenges and show clear innovation and user impact. The award focuses on practical use and measurable results in healthcare.

A. Patient Care and Treatment

A01 Surgical Planning and Assistance
XR tools for pre-operative planning, surgical simulations, and intraoperative guidance.

A02 Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Interactive XR applications for patient rehabilitation, physical therapy, and motor skill recovery.

A03 Chronic Pain Management
Solutions leveraging XR for pain distraction, management, and alternative therapy.

A04 Patient Education and Engagement
Tools for enhancing patient understanding of medical conditions, treatments, and health literacy.

A05 Wearable XR Technologies
Wearable devices and solutions that integrate XR for continuous health monitoring and patient engagement.

B. Medical Training and Education

B01 Medical Procedure Training
Advanced simulations for training medical students and professionals in surgical techniques and medical procedures.

B02 Anatomy and Physiology Visualization
XR applications for detailed and interactive exploration of human anatomy and physiological processes.

B03 Emergency Response Training
Simulated environments for training in emergency medicine, critical care, and first responder scenarios.

B04 Mental Health Professional Training
Tools for training healthcare providers in psychiatric evaluation, therapy techniques, and patient interaction.

C. Mental Health and Psychological Therapies

C01 Therapeutic VR for Mental Health
VR solutions for treating conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

C02 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Applications
XR tools to deliver cognitive-behavioral therapy and other psychological treatments.

C03 Mindfulness and Relaxation
Applications focused on stress reduction, relaxation, and mindfulness training.

C04 Social Skills Training for Autism Spectrum Disorders
XR solutions to help individuals with autism develop communication and social interaction skills.

D. Diagnostic and Imaging Tools

D01 Enhanced Medical Imaging
XR applications that augment medical imaging for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

D02 Virtual Patient Observation
Tools for remote patient monitoring and diagnostics through XR technologies.

D03 3D Modeling for Diagnosis
Solutions that use 3D modeling and visualization to aid in medical diagnosis and treatment planning.

E. Healthcare Management and Support

E01 XR in Hospital Management
Applications for managing hospital operations, training staff, and enhancing healthcare delivery.

E02 Telemedicine and Remote Consultations
Tools that use XR for remote medical consultations, patient monitoring, and telehealth services.

E03 Accessibility and Assistive Technologies
XR solutions that enhance healthcare accessibility for patients with disabilities.

E04 Data Visualization and Management
Applications that utilize XR for visualizing and managing complex medical data and patient information.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 202315 August 2024

XR Education and Training Solution of the Year


The XR Education and Training Solution of the Year award goes to impactful XR solutions in education and training. It’s for products that improve learning, offer innovative training, and show measurable educational outcomes. The award identifies projects using XR to create immersive learning experiences that effectively address educational needs or gaps.
A. Business Sector Applications

A01 Corporate Skill Development
Solutions for business soft skills training, including leadership, teamwork, and management simulations.

A02 Industry-Specific Training
Customized applications for specific industries, such as finance, law, or hospitality, emphasizing role-specific scenarios.

A03 Safety and Compliance Training
XR tools focused on workplace safety, hazard identification, and regulatory compliance training.

A04 Sales and Customer Service Training
Interactive training modules for sales techniques, customer interaction, and service excellence.

B. Educational Sector Applications

B01 K-12 Education
Solutions tailored for primary and secondary education, including interactive learning modules, virtual field trips, and STEM education tools.

B02 Higher Education
Applications for universities and colleges, focusing on immersive learning, complex subject matter visualization, and remote collaboration.

B03 Vocational Training
XR tools for skill-based training, including trade skills, craftsmanship, and practical hands-on training simulations.

B04 Adult and Continuing Education
Solutions for lifelong learning, professional development, and adult education, incorporating flexible and self-paced learning modules.

C. Specialized Training Applications

C01 Healthcare and Medical Training
Advanced simulations for medical procedures, patient interaction, and healthcare protocol training.

C02 Emergency Response and Military Training
XR applications for high-stakes environments, including emergency response, military tactics, and crisis management.

C03 Language and Cultural Training
Tools for language acquisition, cultural sensitivity training, and global communication skills.

C04 Industry-Specific Simulations
Detailed simulations for practical training in fields like aviation, engineering, and architecture.

C05 Virtual Labs and Experiments
Virtual environments for conducting scientific experiments and research in a safe, controlled setting.

D. Interactive and Collaborative Learning Applications

D01 Interactive Courseware
Engaging and interactive learning content, including 3D models, interactive quizzes, and virtual labs.

D02 Collaborative Learning Environments
Platforms for remote collaboration, group projects, and virtual classrooms, fostering teamwork and discussion.

D03 Gamified Learning Experiences
Applications utilizing game mechanics to motivate, engage, and reinforce learning concepts.

D04 Mixed Reality Experiences
Blending physical and digital learning environments for a seamless educational experience.

E. Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Applications

E01 Accessible Learning Solutions
Tools designed for learners with disabilities, including adaptive interfaces and assistive technologies.

E02 Special Needs Education
Customized learning experiences for individuals with specific educational needs, including autism spectrum disorders or learning disabilities.

E03 Multilingual Education
Applications offering content in multiple languages, accommodating non-native speakers and promoting language diversity.

E04 AI-Enhanced Learning
Applications leveraging artificial intelligence for personalized learning paths, adaptive feedback, and intelligent tutoring systems.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Enterprise Solution of the Year


The XR Enterprise Solution of the Year award acknowledges XR systems, platforms, or software that effectively address business needs. This includes applications that provide clear benefits in corporate or industrial settings, focusing on business optimization, customer engagement, and technological innovation.

A. Design, Visualization, and Prototyping

A01 Industry-Specific Design and Simulation
XR tools specialised for sectors like automotive, aerospace, and more, for design, simulation, and prototyping.

A02 Architectural and Spatial Planning
Applications for architectural visualisation, spatial planning, real estate, and urban development.

A03 Product and Process Innovation
XR solutions aiding in product development, process optimization, and manufacturing across various industries.

B. Business Operations and Workflow Optimization

B01 Workflow Enhancement and Efficiency
XR tools designed to streamline business processes, enhance workflow efficiency, and facilitate task management.

B02 Supply Chain and Logistics Management
XR applications for optimizing logistics operations, supply chain visualization, and inventory management.

B03 Facility and Asset Management
XR solutions for facility layout planning, asset visualization, and operational simulations.

C. Collaboration and Remote Working

C01 Virtual Collaboration and Meeting Platforms
XR solutions enabling remote team collaboration, virtual meetings, and digital workspaces.

C02 Remote Project Management
Tools for managing projects, coordinating teams, and tracking progress in a virtual environment.

C03 Global Business Integration
XR applications facilitating international business operations, cross-border collaborations, and cultural integrations.

D. Data Visualization and Analysis

D01 Data Visualization Tools
XR platforms for visualizing complex data sets, business analytics, and decision-making processes.

D02 Risk Assessment and Management
XR applications for risk visualization, scenario planning, and strategic decision support.

D03 Market and Consumer Insights
Tools leveraging XR for understanding market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive analysis.

E. Customer Experience and Service Innovation

E01 Product Demonstration and Exploration
XR applications for immersive product exploration, virtual showrooms, and interactive demos.

E02 Customer Interaction and Engagement
Solutions using XR to enhance customer interaction, engagement, and service delivery.

E03 Virtual Event Hosting
XR platforms for hosting virtual events, conferences, and trade shows.

E04 Wearable and Portable XR Technologies
Innovative wearable devices integrating XR for on-the-go business applications and field operations.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Tool & Utility of the Year


XR Tool & Utility of the Year recognizes outstanding software tools, applications, and utilities that facilitate the creation, distribution, or enhancement of XR experiences. This category focuses on tools that have made a significant impact in the XR landscape, offering innovative features, user-friendly interfaces, and practical utility.

A. Content Creation and Development Tools

A01 Development Platforms
Tools and platforms that enable the creation and development of XR content, offering robust features and flexibility.

A02 Design and Visualization Tools
Software for XR design, modelling, and visualisation, aiding in the creation of immersive environments.

A03 Animation and Interactive Elements
Tools that facilitate the creation of animation and interactive elements within XR experiences.

A04 Audio Creation and Integration Tools
Tools specifically for creating, editing, and integrating audio within XR environments.

B. Distribution, Streaming, and Publishing

B01 XR Distribution and Publishing Platforms
Platforms that streamline the distribution and publication of XR content.

B02 Content Management and Update Systems
Managing XR content lifecycle, including updates and version control.

B03 Streaming and Broadcasting Applications
Tools and platforms for live streaming or broadcasting XR content, enhancing reach and engagement.

C. Performance Optimization and User Feedback

C01 Performance Optimization Tools
Enhancing XR application performance for smoother, more efficient operation.

C02 Debugging, Testing, and Quality Assurance
Software for debugging and testing XR applications, ensuring quality and reliability.

C03 Real-time Analytics and User Feedback
Providing immediate analytics and user feedback to optimise XR experiences.

C04 Customization, Mods and Personalization Utilities
Allowing users to customise and personalise their XR experiences.

D. Practical Utility and Everyday Applications

D01 Utility and Assistance Tools
Applications that provide practical assistance in daily activities, like navigation, organisation, or task management within an XR environment.

D02 Virtual Workspace and Productivity Tools
Tools that create virtual workspaces or enhance productivity, like virtual monitors or collaborative platforms in XR.

D03 Lifestyle Integration and Enhancement Tools
Software that blends XR with everyday non-XR utilities for enhanced convenience and functionality.

E. Integration, Interoperability, and Cloud Solutions

E01 Integration and Interoperability Tools
Facilitating the integration of XR technologies with other systems, tools or platforms.

E02 API, SDK, and Engine Technologies
Offering APIs, SDKs, and engine technologies for XR development, promoting ease of use and interoperability.

E03 Cloud-based Solutions and Remote Access
Leveraging cloud computing and remote access to enhance the functionality and reach of XR tools.

E04 Networking and Multiplayer Infrastructure
Tools and technologies supporting networking, especially for multiplayer XR experiences.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

AIXR Social Impact Award


The AIXR Social Impact Award is given to XR projects that have notably contributed to social issues and positive change in communities or the environment. This award is for XR initiatives that address social challenges, support inclusivity, and encourage community involvement. It values societal benefits and humanitarian efforts over commercial success.

A. Community Development and Welfare

A01 Educational Initiatives
XR projects enhancing education in underprivileged areas or providing innovative learning resources.

A02 Healthcare Accessibility
Solutions improving healthcare delivery, awareness, and accessibility in underserved communities.

A03 Environmental Advocacy
XR applications promoting environmental conservation, sustainability, and climate change awareness.

A04 Social Welfare Services
Projects using XR to provide or improve social services like housing, nutrition, and poverty alleviation.

B. Cultural and Historical Preservation

B01 Heritage and Cultural Conservation
XR endeavors preserving cultural heritage, traditions, and historical sites.

B02 Diversity and Multicultural Engagement
Initiatives fostering understanding and appreciation among diverse cultural groups through XR experiences.

B03 Arts and Culture Promotion
XR projects bringing arts, music, and cultural experiences to broader audiences, enhancing engagement and accessibility.

B03 Advocacy and Activism
XR tools that support anti-racism and antisemitism activism, including awareness campaigns and storytelling.

C. Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management

C01 Emergency Response and Preparedness
XR tools designed for disaster management, relief coordination, and crisis awareness.

C02 Support for Refugees and Displaced Individuals
XR solutions aiding refugees with education, mental health, and integration support.

C03 Human Rights and Advocacy
XR applications championing human rights, equality, and social justice causes.

C04 War and Conflict Awareness:
XR projects that raise awareness about the impacts of war and conflict on communities and individuals.

D. Social Awareness and Change

D01 Health and Wellness Campaigns
XR campaigns focused on public health, wellness, and disease prevention.

D02 Social Issue Awareness
Initiatives using XR to highlight and address issues like poverty, inequality, and injustice.

D03 Behavior Modification and Social Campaigns
XR-driven projects promoting positive behavior changes in areas like recycling, energy use, or community involvement.

E. Inclusivity and Empowerment

E01 Accessibility Solutions
XR technologies enhancing access for individuals with disabilities or special needs.

E02 Community Empowerment
XR tools empowering marginalized or vulnerable populations through technology.

E03 Educational Access and Equity
Projects expanding educational opportunities and resources in disadvantaged areas using XR.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

Rising XR Company of the Year


The Rising XR Company of the Year award is for emerging XR companies with less than 1 million in revenue. It honours those making a noticeable impact in the XR industry through innovative solutions and showing significant growth potential.

A. Innovation and Product Development

A01 Innovative XR Offerings
Celebrating companies that have introduced novel XR products or services in the market.

A02 User-Centric Design
Recognizing companies for developing XR solutions with a strong focus on user experience and intuitive design.

A03 Emerging Technology Integration
Honoring companies that effectively integrate emerging technologies into their XR solutions, such as AI or IoT.

B. Growth and Market Strategy

B01 Market Entry and Growth Trajectory
Acknowledging companies that have demonstrated a strong market entry and growth trajectory in the XR industry.

B02 Niche Market Innovation
Recognizing companies that have successfully identified and served niche markets within the XR ecosystem.

B03 Strategic Business Development
Honoring companies for their strategic approach to business development, including partnerships, collaborations, and customer acquisition.

C. Community and Industry Engagement

C01 Community Building and Engagement
Awarding companies that actively engage with and contribute to the XR community.

C02 Industry Networking and Collaboration
Recognizing firms for building strong industry networks and engaging in meaningful collaborations.

C03 Customer and User Feedback
Honoring companies that place a high emphasis on customer and user feedback to guide their product development.

D. Business Viability and Management

D01 Effective Financial Management
Recognizing companies for their effective financial management strategies and potential for future profitability.

D02 Scalability and Adaptability
Honoring companies that have shown potential for scalability and adaptability in their business model.

D03 Resourcefulness and Efficiency
Awarding companies that demonstrate resourcefulness and efficiency in their operations, especially in the use of funding and resources.

E. Vision and Future Potential

E01 Visionary Approach
Recognizing companies with a clear and compelling vision for their role in the XR industry.

E02 Scalability Potential
Acknowledging startups that show high potential for scaling their solutions in the XR market.

E03 Responsible Innovation
Honoring firms that demonstrate a commitment to responsible and ethical innovation in the XR field.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. Eligibile for companies with revenue under £1m and less than 50 employees.

Oustanding XR Company of the Year


The Outstanding XR Company of the Year award is for established XR companies with over 1 million in revenue. It honours those that have shown excellence, growth, and significant impact in the XR industry over the past year, focusing on innovation, industry presence, company culture, and influence.

A. Industry Leadership and Influence

A01 Market Leadership
Recognizing companies that are leaders in the XR market, setting standards and trends for the industry.

A02 Innovation in XR Technology
Honoring companies that consistently innovate in XR technology, products, or services.

A03 Influence and Thought Leadership
Awarding companies that contribute significantly to industry discourse, shaping the future of XR.

B. Business Growth and Expansion

B01 Consistent Business Growth
Recognizing companies for sustained financial and market growth.

B02 Global Market Expansion
Honoring firms for successfully expanding operations or customer bases internationally.

B03 Strategic Diversification
Acknowledging companies that effectively diversify their offerings and adapt to changing market trends.

B04 Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations
Celebrating impactful collaborations that advance the XR industry.

C. Customer Engagement and Product Excellence

C01 Customer Service Excellence
Recognizing companies for exceptional customer support and service.

C02 Superior User Experience
Honoring companies that excel in delivering superior user experience and design in their XR products.

C03 High Customer Loyalty
Acknowledging companies with high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

C04 Quality and Reliability
Celebrating companies known for the quality and reliability of their XR offerings.

D. Contribution to the XR Ecosystem

D01 Community Development
Recognizing companies that actively support and nurture the XR community.

D02 Advancing Industry Standards
Honoring firms contributing to the establishment and advocacy of industry standards and best practices.

D03 Research and Knowledge Sharing
Recognizing significant investment in research and development to propel XR technology and knowledge dissemination. 

E. Corporate Responsibility and Ethical Practices

E01 Social and Environmental Responsibility
Recognizing companies for their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

E02 Ethical Business Conduct
Honoring companies maintaining high ethical standards in their operations.

E03 Workforce Development and Diversity
Acknowledging companies that excel in workforce development, diversity, and inclusion.

F. Vision and Future Preparedness

F01 Strategic Vision
Awarding companies with a clear and forward-thinking strategic vision for the XR industry.

F02 Anticipating Market Evolution
Recognizing firms adept at anticipating and adapting to future market trends and shifts.

F03 Innovating for Future Markets
Honoring companies pioneering new markets and applications within the XR landscape.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. Eligibile for companies with revenue above £1m.

XR Location Based Entertainment of the Year


The XR Location-Based Experience of the Year award is for XR experiences in physical, purpose-built locations like theme parks, museums, and entertainment centres. This award emphasises the use of space and environment, focusing on how XR technology transforms physical locations into unique, immersive experiences.

A. Entertainment and Gaming Centers

A01 Commercially Resellable XR Experiences:
Companies that develop XR experiences or games specifically designed for purchase and use by entertainment venues, such as arcades, museums, or family entertainment centers.

A02 XR Gaming Arcades & Entertainment Hubs
Recognizing entertainment centers offering a variety of immersive XR experiences.

A03 Virtual Escape Rooms and Adventures
Physical XR implementations in escape rooms or adventure experiences.

A04 Turnkey XR Entertainment Systems:
Developers of comprehensive XR systems designed for easy implementation and operation in various entertainment settings.

B. Cultural and Historical Experiences

B01 Museum and Gallery Exhibitions
XR experiences that enhance museum and gallery visits, offering interactive and immersive historical or cultural insights.

B02 Educational and Historical Installations
XR installations that provide educational content in a compelling, immersive manner.

B03 Cultural Immersion Experiences:
Location-based XR experiences that immerse visitors in different cultural narratives and environments.

B04 Cross-Industry Collaborations
Recognizing collaborations between different industries to create unique XR experiences (e.g., art and technology, education and entertainment).

C. Public Spaces and Events

C01 XR in Public Installations
XR experiences in public spaces such as parks, squares, or transit hubs that offer communal engagement.

C02 XR at Festivals and Events
XR experiences designed for festivals, fairs, or public events, enhancing the event experience.

C03 Pop-up XR Experiences
Temporary XR installations in public spaces that offer unique, time-limited immersive experiences.

D. Retail and Commercial Spaces

D01 XR Shopping Experiences
Innovative use of XR in retail spaces, enhancing customer engagement and shopping experience.

D02 Interactive Brand Experiences
Brand-centred XR experiences in commercial spaces that offer engaging, immersive interactions.

D03 XR in Dining and Hospitality
The application of XR in dining or hospitality settings to create unique and memorable customer experiences.

E. Theme Park and Amusement Attractions

E01 Immersive Theme Park Rides
Recognizing XR experiences integrated into theme park rides, enhancing the thrill and immersion.

E02 Interactive Amusement Experiences
Honoring attractions that offer interactive, engaging XR experiences in amusement parks.

E03 Themed XR Installations
Acknowledging uniquely themed XR installations that offer immersive storytelling and entertainment.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Marketing Campaign of the Year


The XR Marketing Campaign of the Year award honours innovative and effective initiatives that use XR technology for advertising and promotion. These initiatives are recognized for their ability to capture attention, engage audiences, and deliver memorable experiences, thereby driving impactful results in the realm of marketing and brand messaging.

A. Brand Engagement and Product Promotion

A01 Immersive Product Launches
XR campaigns designed to introduce new products in an immersive and engaging manner.

A02 Brand Activation Experiences
Use of XR to elevate brand awareness and create interactive engagements.

A03 Interactive Product Demonstrations
Implementations allowing consumers to experience products uniquely through XR.

A04 Retail and In-Store XR Integrations
Incorporating XR into retail environments to transform the shopping experience.

A05 Augmented Reality in Advertising
Utilizing AR for creative advertising campaigns, enhancing consumer interaction with the brand.

B. Major Brand Implementations in XR

B01 Large-Scale Experiential Campaigns
XR experiences that transform spaces for brand promotion, such as building projections or interactive installations.

B02 Virtual World Brand Integrations
Integrating brand presence into virtual worlds and gaming platforms using XR technologies.

B03 Landmark Augmentation
Transforming landmarks or public spaces into immersive brand experiences through XR.

B04 Immersive Storytelling in Branding
Using XR to tell compelling brand stories, creating deep audience connections.

C. Event and Experience Marketing

C01 XR-Enhanced Live Events
Leveraging XR to augment live events, offering immersive and interactive experiences.

C02 Virtual and Hybrid Event Experiences
Utilizing XR for engaging virtual or hybrid brand events.

C03 Location-Based Experiential Marketing
Creating immersive XR experiences in specific locations for brand promotion.

C04 Experiential Marketing Installations
Designing immersive installations or experiences for audience engagement at events or public spaces.

D. Immersive Advertising and Content

D01 Immersive Ad Campaigns
XR advertising campaigns that create deeply immersive and engaging experiences for consumers.

D02 Augmented Reality in Advertising
Use of AR technology in campaigns to enhance consumer interaction with brands.

D03 Influencer Based Marketing
Interaction with XR and tech content creators across various social platforms to create a compelling immersive marketing campaign.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Film & Experience of the Year


The XR Film and Experience of the Year award recognizes outstanding XR content that masters storytelling through immersive and creative methods. This category is for works that effectively engage audiences, using XR technology to deliver narratives and interactive experiences in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

A. Narrative and Storytelling

A01 Narrative XR Films
Films that utilize XR technologies to tell compelling, immersive stories.

A02 Interactive Storytelling
Experiences that combine XR with interactive elements, allowing users to engage with the narrative actively.

A03 360-Degree Video Content
Films and documentaries leveraging 360-degree video technology for immersive storytelling.

A04 Festival and Tour Features
Content specifically created for film festivals, tours, or special events, offering unique storytelling perspectives.

B. Experimental and Artistic Content

B01 Artistic XR Installations
Immersive XR experiences that push artistic boundaries and offer novel visual and sensory experiences.

B02 Experimental Story Formats
Projects that explore new storytelling formats and narrative structures using XR technologies.

B03 Cross-Media Experiences
Content that blends XR with other media forms, such as traditional film, theater, or visual arts.

B04 Location-Based Sensory Experiences
XR experiences designed for specific locations or settings, offering rich, multisensory engagement.

C. Immersive Environments and Virtual Worlds

C01 Virtual Worlds and Environments
Comprehensive and detailed virtual environments for exploration.

C02 Historical and Cultural Reconstructions
XR recreations of historical or cultural environments.

C03 Nature and Wildlife Explorations
XR experiences that transport users to natural settings or wildlife encounters.

D. Social, Cultural, and Personal Narratives

D01 Social and Global Issues
XR content that explores and raises awareness on important social and global issues.

D02 Cultural Narratives and Stories
Showcasing diverse cultural stories and experiences through XR.

D03 Biographical and Personal Stories
XR projects that focus on individual life stories, offering personal and biographical insights.

D04 Documentary and Educational Content
XR films and experiences focused on documentary-style storytelling or educational themes.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Peripheral Hardware of the Year


The XR Peripheral Hardware of the Year award is for any non-HMD hardware that enhances XR environments. It covers a variety of devices like controllers, haptic devices, and motion trackers, focusing on their ability to improve interaction, immersion, or functionality in XR setups. The award highlights innovation and interoperability in this category.

A. Input and Interaction Devices

A01 Motion Controllers
Devices that provide intuitive and responsive control within XR environments.

A02 Haptic Feedback Devices
Peripherals offering tactile feedback to increase immersion and sensory experience in XR.

A03 Tracking and Gesture Control
Hardware that enables precise hand or eye tracking and gesture recognition for natural interaction.

B. Wearable and Immersive Accessories

B01 Wearable Suits and Gloves
Technology enhancing body tracking and immersion, such as haptic suits and gloves.

B02 Specialized Footwear
Footwear peripherals designed to enrich movement and interaction in XR spaces.

B03 Sensory Enhancement Accessories
Devices that enhance other sensory perceptions, like smell, temperature or wind simulation.

C. Environmental and Spatial Enhancements

C01 Room-Scale Tracking Systems
Hardware expanding and enhancing room-scale tracking capabilities for XR.

C02 Portable and Compact Peripherals
Devices designed for portability, facilitating XR experiences in various environments.

C03 Environmental Simulation Hardware
Peripherals simulating environmental elements to heighten the realism in XR experiences.

D.Display and Projection Enhancements

D01 Advanced Projection Systems:
Hardware using projection technology to augment physical spaces with XR content.

D02 Holographic and Mixed Reality Systems:
Devices that create holographic or mixed reality experiences in physical spaces.

D03 Mixed Reality Capture and Integration:
Hardware that captures and integrates real-world elements into XR environments.

E. Audio and Communication Devices

E01 Immersive Audio Systems
Peripherals providing 3D or spatial audio for enhanced auditory experiences in XR.

E02 Communication and Networking Devices
Hardware enabling effective communication and networking within XR environments.

E03 Audio Capture and Sound Isolation
Devices focused on improving the audio experience by capturing spatial audio or canceling external noise.

F. Utility Accessories and Enhancements

F01 Utility and Support Accessories
Including peripherals that enhance the functionality or usability of XR systems, such as stands, cases, or adapters.

F02 Power Solutions and Extensions
Covering battery packs, charging solutions, and other power-related accessories that extend the usage time and flexibility of XR hardware.

F03 Health and Wellness Monitors
Featuring peripherals focused on monitoring user health and wellness during XR sessions, ensuring a safer experience.

F04 Ergonomic Enhancements
Emphasizing accessories designed to improve the ergonomics of XR hardware, enhancing comfort and reducing strain during extended use.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Head Mounted Display of the Year


The XR HMD of the Year award is for the top head-mounted displays (HMDs) in XR. It awards HMDs that offer excellent visuals, comfort, and new features. These devices, like goggles or headsets, provide immersive virtual, augmented, or mixed reality experiences and are essential for high-quality XR.

A. Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

A01 Standalone VR Headsets
Self-contained VR headsets that operate without the need for external hardware.

A02 PC-Powered VR Headsets
VR headsets that connect to a PC to deliver high-quality, immersive experiences.

A03 Console-Compatible VR Headsets
VR headsets designed to work with gaming consoles, enhancing the gaming experience.

B. Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets

B01 Wearable AR Glasses
Recognizing lightweight and wearable AR glasses designed for everyday use, providing convenient access to digital information overlaid on the physical world.

B02 Heads-Up Display AR Headsets
Acknowledging AR headsets that offer heads-up display capabilities, similar to traditional eyewear, for seamless information integration into the user’s field of view.

B03 Industrial and Professional AR Headsets
Celebrating AR headsets tailored for industrial or professional environments, focusing on durability, utility, and enhanced functionality.

C. Mixed Reality (MR) Headsets

C01 Standalone MR Headsets
Recognizing self-contained MR headsets that operate independently, offering both VR and AR experiences through passthrough technology.

C02 PC-Powered MR Headsets
Acknowledging MR headsets that connect to a PC, providing high-quality mixed reality experiences by combining elements of both VR and AR.

C03 Console-Compatible MR Headsets
Celebrating MR headsets designed to work with gaming consoles, enhancing the gaming experience by blending virtual and augmented realities.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Game of the Year


The XR Game of the Year award highlights outstanding XR games known for their diverse gameplay and experiences. An XR game is an interactive digital entertainment that uses extended reality technology, merging the game environment with the player’s real-world or creating a fully immersive experience. This award focuses on the diversity in gameplay, including multiplayer, narrative, and educational aspects, as well as the scale of development, from indie to large studios, and the innovation in game design and execution.

A. Platform-Specific Games

A01 Virtual Reality (VR) Games
Including fully immersive VR titles designed for VR platforms.

A02 Augmented Reality (AR) Games
Games that integrate AR technology, designed for mobile or wearable devices.

A03 Mixed Reality (MR) Games
Titles that blend physical and digital elements, offering MR experiences.

B. Gameplay and Experience Diversity

B01 Multiplayer and Social Interaction Games
Titles focused on multiplayer gameplay or social interaction in XR.

B02 Story-Driven and Narrative Experiences
Games with a strong emphasis on narrative, storytelling, and character development.

B03 Educational, Training, and Serious Games
XR games designed for educational purposes, skills training, or addressing serious themes.

C. Game Scale and Development Type

C01 Indie Games
Recognizing independently developed XR games, noted for their creativity and innovation.

C02 AAA Games
High-budget, large-scale XR games produced by major game development studios.

C03 Experimental and Artistic Games
Games that focus on experimental gameplay, artistic expression, or unconventional XR experiences.

D. Special Categories

D01 Quest Lab and Early Access Games
Titles in early development stages, but released to the public on places like Quest Lab or similar platforms.

D02 Adaptations
XR games that are adaptations of existing non-XR titles or spin-offs from other media, creatively translated into the XR format.

D03 Cross-Platform Compatibility
Games designed for compatibility across multiple XR platforms, allowing players from various systems to interact and play together.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

XR Content Creator of the Year


The XR Content Creator of the Year award is given to creators who significantly impact the XR industry through their social media content. This includes informative tutorials, gameplay, storytelling, and more. The award acknowledges those who innovate in XR content and reach a broad audience on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, helping to expand understanding of XR technologies.

A. Platform-Specific Content Creators

A01 YouTube Creators
Recognizing individuals or groups who create outstanding XR-related content on YouTube, such as tutorials, reviews, or storytelling.

A02 Instagram Creators
Celebrating creators who use Instagram to share innovative XR experiences, insights, and creative content.

A03 TikTok and Short-Form Content
Acknowledging creators excelling in short-form XR content on platforms like TikTok.

A04 Twitch and Live Streaming Content
Acknowledging streamers who excel in live XR content on platforms like Twitch, engaging audiences with real-time experiences.

A05 Podcast Creators
Podcasters on platforms like Spotify who discuss XR topics, trends, and innovations.

B. Content Focus and Style

B01 Educational and Informative Content
Recognizing creators who focus on educating their audience about XR technology, trends, and applications.

B02 Entertainment and Interactive Content
Celebrating creators producing entertaining and interactive XR content that engages and captivates audiences.

B03 Creative and Artistic XR Content
Acknowledging creators who use XR as a medium for artistic expression and creative storytelling.

C. Community Engagement and Growth

C01 Community Building Creators
Recognizing creators who actively engage with and grow the XR community through their content and interactions.

C02 Emerging Voices in XR
Celebrating up-and-coming influencers who have shown significant potential and growth in the XR content space.

D03 Influencers with Broad Impact
Celebrating creators whose XR content has a broad and significant impact, reaching a wide audience.

C04 Collaborative and Cross-Platform Creators
Acknowledging creators who excel in collaborative efforts and cross-platform content creation in XR.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

Obsidian Award


The Obsidian Award is for major technological advancements in the XR industry. It’s open to all XR sectors like VR, AR, MR, and includes hardware, software, and content creation. The award doesn’t have specific criteria, allowing for a variety of innovations. It recognizes significant innovations that mark a major step forward in XR technology or its applications.

  • Open Criteria: This award does not adhere to specific criteria, allowing for a broad range of technological breakthroughs in XR to be considered.
  • Across All XR Sectors: Open to achievements in any area of XR, including VR, AR, MR, hardware, software, content creation, and more.
  • Technological Breakthroughs: Recognizing significant innovations that represent a leap forward in XR technology or application.

Judging Criteria & Eligibility

Download the Entry Kit to have a full breakdown of judging criteria.

Awards submissions open 26 March 2024. The eligibility period is between 04 August 2023 – 15 August 2024

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